Friday, May 2, 2014

Life Changes

Life is funny.  Seems like the only appropriate way to start my first post in I don't even want to know how long.  We've gone from being a family of 2 plus 1 dog in Raleigh, NC to being a family of 3 minus 1 dog in Winston-Salem, NC.  My husband is still a chef, but he is no longer working in a restaurant..THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE!  He is now a corporate chef though which is amazing.  And he has normal business hours.  Say what?  YEP!  Hallelujah!  I am now at home, sort of job hunting, sort of not, sort of selling ItWorks Global products, and sort of just using them :)

If you know me, I can't just sit there and do nothing.  Unemployed or not, I HAVE to find a way to contribute financially.

I have been in the process of moving my blog over to using Wordpress instead of I kinda wish I had never moved it...but I kinda wish I had been using Wordpress all along.  It's been a battle to forward my traffic and all that.  Oh well, what can you do?  I also haven't been posting as much do to life circumstances.

Long story short, I am trying to decide on the next direction for my blog.  I want to do something more with it.  Just not sure what.  For now, I will continue to post recipes occasionally, family updates, product reviews, and restaurant critiques...especially now that we've moved!  So stay tuned for what this blog turns into :)

So I have started to sell ItWorks Global products.

There are SO many companies and brands out there....Mary Kay, ItWorks Global, Advocare, Thirty One, Celebrating Home, Jamberry Nails, Pampered Chef, Avon, etc.  If you are interested in selling something on your own, how do you decide which to choose?

I don't know.  But I can tell you how I did!

For me, it started when my good friend wrapped me once for free.  I saw some results and just thought NO WAY THESE WRAPS COULD DO MORE!  So I simmer for a couple weeks.

Then, in a desperate attempt to get rid of the left over jiggle from having my baby, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy an entire treatment of wraps which is a box of 4.  I did the Loyal Customer program because it WAS THE BEST DEAL and I would get the MOST FOR MY MONEY.  I also loved the chance to earn FREE boxes of wraps if I just referred my friends and family to also become Loyal Customers.

So, I did my 4 wraps and was AMAZED with my results.  I saw results with the first wrap, but I was absolutely blown away with my 2nd and 3rd wrap results!  My jaw literally dropped each day when I removed the wrap and then again 3 days later after I chugged all the water and continued to see results.  I innocently and genuinely and mortifyingly and bravely posted my personal results (with my head cut off because I was seriously embarrassed and disgusted of myself) to my own Facebook page....

...I was OVERWHELMED by all the positive encouragement I received by comments, private messages, texts, emails, and phone calls.  From just posting my results!  It was crazy and heartwarming.  It was then that I had to seriously I refer ALL these people or do I distribute to these people?  Well, I chose to distribute and haven't looked back!

I love this product.  I believe in this product.  I've tried other products and love them too!  I love that this product not only makes people LOOK makes people FEEL better.  Looking AND feeling great are hard to accomplish!  I love that I get to hang out with my take 5 minutes to wrap someone....and then we get to chat and catch up!  I love when I get a text or email update of my friends awesome and happy results!  They LITERALLY MAKE MY DAY!  I love that I can buy myself a gift every month to reward myself.  I love that I can buy something for D and not think twice.  I love that my husband and I can enjoy a nice dinner once a month and even get an appetizer plus drinks!  I love that I am able to contribute to our family's finances and I am at home with my son at the same time.  I love that I am saving up to buy us a 70" flat screen tv for the family room.  I love that I can still job hunt and if/when I find a job, I still have ItWorks to do on the side for extra spending money (even though ItWorks is starting to compete with my old full-time paycheck).  Or to pay to update our house etc.   I love that our whole team works TOGETHER.  We help each other.  We promote TOGETHER.  If I don't do well, she doesn't do well, and if you don't do well, I don't do well!  It's literally a team effort and I've met so many awesome people!  AND I AM GETTING HEALTHY AND TO THE PLACE THAT I WANT TO BE WHILE DOING ALL OF THIS!

I've had SO many people ask me "Why ItWorks"  "Why Wraps?"  So I thought it was time to make a blog post about it.  To put it out there.  What I am doing.  Why I am doing it.

And just because I am still working on my insecurities with my stomach area.  I have been my ENTIRE life.  Here are my before and after pictures...again...with my head cut off...but I swear to you and all my's ME.

Ways to get in touch with me are commenting on this post or:

My Wrap Mom Facebook Page

Buy Wraps or Other Products Here

Email me for more information!
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baked Saucy Wings

So many exciting things are happening!  Some I am not ready to tell you.  But I can spill the beans on one...I am starting my own Website Management business.  I am about to merge my business site with the blog so you can access both.  This has been an itch and a dream of mine for years, and I finally got the guts to just go for it.  I've been planning and getting things ready for 2+ months now.  And, FINALLY ready to start taking clients.   My focus or "target customer" would be a small business that needs a website, that can be found in search engines, would like to increase traffic, and doesn't want to hire a bunch of different companies to do this for them!  Also, not having to hire a whole staff member to maintain the business website will save each company a TON of money and having the website maintained the right way will actually MAKE them money!  This is something I truly enjoy doing and would love to offer this service to anyone who is interested.  I can handle any size of website so contact me with any questions :) Okay...enough business talk...lets get to the good stuff! "Would you like some meat to go with that sauce?" is a question I hear often.  I can NEVER have enough sauce on my food.  So I mixed up some ingredients I already had on hand and got lucky haha!   Nate said they were blog-worthy so here you go :)  Baked_Saucy_WingsBaked_saucy_wings_2 Ingredients -2 packages of chicken wings/legs (about 18) -2 table spoons vegetable oil -2 table spoons ketchup -3/4 cup of honey -1/4 cup of brown sugar -1/2 cup of soy sauce -3 cloves garlic, minced -pinch of cayenne pepper -a pinch of black pepper   Directions -Preheat oven to 400 degrees -In a medium-sized mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients minus the meat to create the sauce. -Place chicken in a 9x13 baking dish. -Pour Sauce over the chicken -Bake uncovered for 30 minutes -Flip each piece of chicken to the other side and bake another 30 minutes -Flip each piece of chicken again and bake for 30 minutes. -Remove from oven, spoon sauce over the chicken, and enjoy! **Can use other chicken cuts as well...legs would be delicious!   Ingredients
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Baked PoTater Tot Casserole

Welp.  Long story short, this is a good one.  Don't deny your tummy the yummy-ness of this casserole.  Double the recipe, make two, eat one, and freeze one for later.  When I looked up 'comfort food' on urban dictionary, I saw this picture: baked_potater_tot_casserole_4baked_potater_tot_casserole_2baked_potater_tot_casserole_1   Ingredients 1 lb ground beef 1/2 an onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced or sliced 1 16 ounce bag of frozen tater tots 1 10 ounce can of condensed cream of mushroom soup 1 bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 bunch of green onions, sliced 4 strips of bacon (at least 4 :), crumbled Sour cream salt and pepper to taste   Directions -Preheat oven to 375 degrees -Brown the beef in a medium skillet and season with salt and pepper.  About halfway, drain the fat and add the onions and garlic.  Cook until meat is brown and the onions start to soften. -Remove the meat mixture from heat and stir in the mushroom soup. -Add the meat mixture to a 9x13 casserole dish and make an even layer. -Add the bag of tater tots on top of the meat mixture. -Sprinkle the shredded cheese, green onions, and bacon over the top. -Cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes.  Then remove the foil and bake for an additional 15 minutes until the cheese is a melted goodness that you just can't stand to leave in their a minute longer. -Top with sour cream, hot sauce, ketchup, or any other fixin's you'd normally eat on your baked potato and enjoy!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ron Beef Burgundy

Fall has to be my favorite season.  Something about the crisp cool air and the smell of leaves just gets me going.  To some, a pumpkin spice latte is their favorite indulgence of fall.  Mine, a warm, hearty, beef, stew-type concoction.  Really, hearty meals just taste better in cool weather, it's a fact. This recipe is adapted from Paula Deen.  I had to make some adjustments while making this dish for the first time, but it turned out amazing!  The 2 major adjustments were adding a roux and seasoning at the end.  The original recipe calls to season the meat only.  The sauce needed a time, I will flour the meat before browning.  And please please please, always give your food a taste before serving so you can adjust the seasoning.  As Nate was chowing down I casually said "So, tomorrow, we are starting our new diet.  We can only eat eggs and salad." Nate exclaimed "WHAT?!?!?!"  I replied "April Fools :)" Nate "It's not April..."  Me "Uhh, October Fools, I mean trick or treat!" It has been my mission in life to find THE perfect red and white wine to cook with.  Something that tasted great, added yummy flavor to dishes, and didn't break the bank.  The search has ended and here it is: Ron-Beef-Burgundy-3 There is also an Apothic White which I think is equally as successful in all 3 accounts.  Try it!Give this recipe a shot and if'll have some leftover wine to enjoy.  Not a bad deal :) Ron-Beef-Burgundy-1 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-2  Ron-Beef-Burgundy-4 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-5 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-6 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-7 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-8 Ron-Beef-Burgundy-9 [yumprint-recipe id='4']
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Peach Whiskey Barbecue Chicken

Adapted from: The Pioneer Woman First off, I texted this to Nate at work as a hint for dinner: photo I haven't cooked anything to be remotely proud of in months...yea...months.  So to kick start my return, I had to make something spectacular and rib sticking.  My love for the Pioneer Woman continues because this recipe even impressed our lawn care guy.  When I opened the door to greet him, and the scent of whiskey wafted in his face...I instantly became his favorite customer!  Nate was also impressed, but schooled me on what I actually did.  I braised the meet.  Who knew braising was so easy?  Whenever I see that something is braised, it sounds kinda fancy and a lot of work.  Not the case!  And it turns out, I've been braising meet for years without even realizing it.  Maybe I should let Nate in the kitchen while I am cooking more often... Flavorful, tender, juicy, fall off the bone, yummy chicken and sauce.  Just serve over mashed potatoes and you're set!  Really, you could serve this over mac n cheese and it would still taste good.  And this recipe makes a ton for leftovers, believe me, you'll want them! [caption id="attachment_447" align="alignnone" width="504"]Peach Whiskey Barbecue Chicken Peach Whiskey Barbecue Chicken over Mashed Potatoes[/caption] whiskey_barbecue_chicken_2  [yumprint-recipe id='2']   
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Months

Geez, next month we will have a 6 month year old.  That's half a year old!  Holy crap.  I'm telling you, time is flying faster and faster.  But hold on, gotta come back to the 5th month before I blink and it's gone :)

Dillon had his first bowl of rice cereal at 16 weeks...and LOVED IT.  This boy was born to eat!  He chose the right family, smart boy.  I've experimented with the texture and found a box of rice cereal with apples.  The regular stuff seemed so bland, the apples spices things up a bit.  The directions tell you to start of soupy so they can gain tongue control.  But I found that thickening it up has made it MUCH easier for Dillon to learn how to keep the cereal in his mouth and swallow.  Every once in a while his tongue will push it all out, but c'mon it's only his 10th time eating from a spoon, ever...I'll cut him some slack :)

6/19/13 was a glorious day for baby D.  He got to eat his first baby food!  Decided to start him off with sweet potatoes. They are super healthy and super orange, so a win/win situation in my book.  His first bite was funny, his face was like "Wtf is this stuff?" But then he realized it was food and would open his mouth for more as soon as the spoon left the bowl.  Honestly, I thought feeding the baby would be a lot harder than it has been.  And I really hope I did not just jinx it.

He rolled over from back to front and front to back at 18 weeks, but he doesn't like to do it all the time.  But when we peek on the video monitor, he's been practicing in his sleep, and will even sleep on his side sometimes (video monitor = best entertainment/safety investment so far!).  We are so proud of our roly poly.  And he gets SO excited whenever he rolls over, it is the best.

Rolling Over Update at 22 weeks - Dillon will start rolling the second he is laid on the floor.  I mean really, we should enter him in a rolling around the room contest.  It is so funny because he can only roll to the right. So he has graduated from "Dill Weed" to "Tumble Weed".

Dillon has discovered Maple and Maple is warming up to Dillon.  D gets SO happy and excited anytime Maple comes in range of sight.  They are going to be best friends.  Maple is putting together what happens when D is in the high chair, so it really is a matter of time.

And my little guy now has 2 bottom teeth coming in!  The first one broke through at 20 weeks.  I swear, he is going to college tomorrow.  First teeth, then keys to his first car. Stop growing! And hot dang do teeth hurt.  I've read and received lots of advice on how to deal with this and have tried it all.  The most impossible common one being "Don't react at all and just set him down."  Sorry, if you've can control whether or not you yell "OUCH!", your kid aint biting! haha

My goal was to breastfeed to 6 months and we have almost made it.  So I've made the decision to go ahead and introduce 1 formula bottle during the day.  I'm hoping to be able to do a breastmilk and formula hybrid.  We will see what actually happens.

Teething hasn't bad that bad.  The biggest issue has been night-waking.  But I think we've finally got that nipped in the bud.  After giving him a dose of infant Tylenol, he slept 11 hours straight! And slept another 2 after feeding him and even took a 1.5 hour morning nap.  Little one was tired.  Who wouldn't be after waking up every 2 hours for several nights?

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